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Indicative Books (seek for the latest editions)

1. E-Marketing, 6th Edition, International Version, by Judy Strauss and Raymond Frost, Pearson, 2012.

2. Internet Marketing: Foundations and Applications, 2nd Edition, by Carolyn Siegel, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006.

3. Customer Relationship Management – Concepts and Tools, by Francis Buttle, Elsevier, Second Edition 2009.

4. Strategic Internet Marketing 2.0, by Dann and Dann, 2nd Edition, Wiley, 2004.

5. International E-Business Marketing, by Fletcher, Bell and McNaughton, THOMSON, 2004.

6. Internet Marketing: building advantage in a networked economy, by Rafi Mohammed, Robert Fisher, Bernard Jaworski and Aileen Cahill, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill /Irwin, 2003.

7. Internet Marketing – Strategy, Implementation and Practice, 3rd Edition, by Dave Chaffey, Fiona Ellis-Chadwick, Kevin Johnston and Richard Mayer, 2006, Prentice Hall-Financial Times (Pearson Education).

8. Handbook of CRM – Achieving Excellence in Customer Management, by A. Payne, Elsevier, Butterworth and Heinemann 2006.

9. Customer Relationship Management – Integrating Marketing Strategy and Information Technology, by Zikmund, McLeod and Gilbert, Wiley, 2003.

10. Retailing Management, 7th Edition (International Edition), by Levy and Weitz, McGraw – Hill, 2009.

11. Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective, 8th Edition (International Edition) by Belch and Belch, McGraw-Hill, 2009.

12. Marketing Research - An Applied Approach, Updated Second European Edition, by Naresh K. Malhotra and David F. Birks, FT Prentice Hall, 2006

13. Multivariate Data Analysis: A Global Perspective, 7th Edition (Global Edition) by Hair, Black, Babin and Anderson, Pearson 2010.

14. Doukidis, G. and Vrechopoulos, A. (Eds). (2005). Consumer Driven Electronic Transformation: Applying New Technologies to Enthuse Consumers and Transform the Supply Chain, Springer-Verlag.

15. Hawkins, D.I. and D.L. Mothersbaugh (2013), Consumer Behavior - Building Marketing Strategy, 12th edition, McGraw-Hill International edition

16. Solomon, M., Bamossy, G., Askegaard, S. and Hogg, M. (2006), Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective, Third Edition, FT Prentice Hall.

17. Charles Dennis, Tino Fenech and Bill Merrilees (2006), e-Retailing, Routledge.

18. Στρατηγικό Ηλεκτρονικό Μάρκετινγκ (2004), Γ. Σιώμκος, Ι. Τσιάμης, Εκδόσεις Σταμούλη.

19. Ηλεκτρονικό Εμπόριο και Μάρκετινγκ (2006) Σ. Δημητριάδης, Γ. Μπάλτας, Εκδόσεις Rosili.

20. e-Marketing Διαδικτυακό Μάρκετινγκ (2003) ΒΛΑΧΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ ΜΑΡΩ, Rosili, 2003, Αθήνα.

21. Ηλεκτρονικό Εμπόριο 2010, Turban, E., King, D., Lee, J.,Ting-Peng, L., Turban, D., Eκδόσεις Μ. Γκιούρδας (μετάφραση στα Ελληνικά)

22. Ηλεκτρονικό Επιχειρείν και Ηλεκτρονικό Εμπόριο (2008) Chaffey, D. Εκδόσεις Κλειδάριθμος (μετάφραση στα Ελληνικά)

23. Συμπεριφορά Καταναλωτή & Στρατηγική Μάρκετινγκ (2011) Γ. Σιώμκος, 3η Έκδοση, Εκδόσεις Αθ. Σταμούλης.

24. Βρεχόπουλος, Α. (2008) Ηλεκτρονική Διαχείριση Σχέσεων Πελατών (eCRM) – Παρούσα Κατάσταση και Αναδυόμενες Τάσεις στην Ελληνική Αγορά, Εκδόσεις Σιδέρη.