Journal Title Description
European Journal of Operational Research Publishes papers for an international authorship, which contribute to the practice of decision-making within and beyond Europe.
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management Articles and book reviews for professionals in the field of physical distribution and logistics.
Transportation Science Covers methodology, practice and occasional research papers. Contains research on all modes of transportation and includes a bibliographical section.
Interfaces Articles and book reviews about operations research and management sciences for professionals.
Transportation Research: Part A Original articles and research of general interest in all passenger and freight transportation modes, policy analysis, evaluation, planning, and the design and management of transportation systems from an economic or engineering viewpoint.
Transportation Research: Part B Original articles on all methodological aspects of transportation research especially those which require mathematical analysis; development and solution of problems which have real connection with transportation situations.
Transportation Research: Part C Scholarly research that addresses development, application and implications in the field of transportation, of emerging technology from engineering, computer science, electronics, control systems and telecommunications.
Transportation Research: Part D Transportation & Distribution
Transportation Research: Part E Title formerly called Logistics & Transportation Review.
Transportation Research: Part F Transportation & Distribution
Supply Management Aims to keep the profession, and others interested in purchasing and supply issues, up to date with the latest developments and thinking, and provides a forum for topical debate.
Operations Research Formerly called Journal of the Operations Research Society of America. Articles and technical notes on the philosophy of modeling, information systems, optimization, decision analysis, distribution and transportation, manufacturing, military application
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management Original articles and book reviews about practical and theoretical retailing and distribution worldwide. For researchers, retail managers and teachers.
Information & Management Aims to collect and disseminate information on new and advanced developments in the field of applied information systems. Provides material for training and education in administrative data systems.
Mathematics of Operations Research Research and review papers having substantial mathematical interest as well as relevance to operations research and management science published for members of the Operations Research Society of America and the Institute of Management Sciences.
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Industry and production publication. Covers various aspects of operations management.
Supply Chain Management Review A new professional journal dedicated exclusively to the art & science of moving materials & products.
Logistics & Transportation Review Title now called Transportation Research: Part E. Refereed papers across the spectrum of logistics and transportation research, particularly on theoretical or empirical economic analysis, analysis of public politics and transportation and logistics mang
Logistics & Transport Focus Covers all aspects of logistics and transport, the total supply-chain, as well as news about the Institute and its activities.
Logistics Today Formerly called Transportation & Distribution.


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