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Solving the open vehicle routeing problem via a single parameter metaheuristic algorithm. By: Tarantilis, Cd; Ioannou, G.; Kiranoudis, Ct; Prastacos, Gp. Journal of the Operational Research Society, May2005, Vol. 56 Issue 5, p588, 9p; (AN 16843479)

An Integrated Methodology for Putting the Balanced Scorecard into Action. By: Papalexandris, Alexandros; Ioannou, George; Prastacos, Gregory; Soderquist, Klas Eric. European Management Journal, Apr2005, Vol. 23 Issue 2, p214, 14p; DOI: 10.1016/j.emj.2005.02.004; (AN 17084310)

The effects of environment, structure, and dynamic capabilities on product innovation strategy. By: Spanos, Y.E.; Prastacos, G.P.. International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, 2004, Vol. 4 Issue 6, p1, 1p; (AN 16109356)

Implementing the Balanced Scorecard in Greece: a Software Firm's Experience. By: Papalexandris, Alexandros; Ioannou, George; Prastacos, Gregory P.. Long Range Planning, Aug2004, Vol. 37 Issue 4, p351, 16p; DOI: 10.1016/j.Irp.2004.05.002; (AN 14741203)

A problem generator-solver heuristic for vehicle routing with soft time windows. By: Ioannou, George; Kritikos, Manolis; Prastacos, Gregory. Omega (Oxford), Feb2003, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p41, 13p; DOI: 10.1016/S0305-0483(02)00064-6; (AN 8996724)

The relationship between information and communication technologies adoption and management. By: Spanos, Yiannis E.; Prastacos, Gregory P.; Poulymenakou, Angeliki. Information & Management, Sep2002, Vol. 39 Issue 8, p659, 17p, 5 charts, 1 diagram, 3bw; (AN 7362989)

An Integrated Framework for Managing Change in the New Competitive Landscape. By: Prastacos, Gregory; S ö doerquist, Klas; Spannos, Yiannis; Van Wassenhove, Luk. European Management Journal, Feb2002, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p55, 17p, 1 chart, 1 diagram, 4bw; (AN 6509216)

Greek Firms and EMU: Contrasting SMEs and Large-Sized Enterprises. By: Spanos, Yiannis; Prastacos, Gregory; Papadakis, Vassilis. European Management Journal, Dec2001, Vol. 19 Issue 6, p638, 11p, 7 charts; (AN 5639335)

Blood Inventory Management: An overview of Theory and Practice. By: Prastacos, Gregory P.. Management Science, Jul84, Vol. 30 Issue 7, p777, 24p; (AN 7347931)

Optimal Sequential Investment Decisions under conditions of uncertainty. By: Prastacos, Gregory P.. Management Science, Jan83, Vol. 29 Issue 1, p118, 17p; (AN 9320222)


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